Ultimately, the most important thing is that your holdings are ideally positioned to meet your objectives. We ensure this happens by gaining a deep understanding of your goals and designing a customized strategy specifically for your needs. And to deliver the best results, we continually look for innovative ways to strengthen our technology, data analysis and investment process.


Locker Capital Management invests globally, focusing on developed and emerging markets alike. We make investments in public and private debt and equity securities, and direct investments in private companies. While our investment philosophy remains consistent, its execution is flexible, allowing capital to shift among strategies, asset classes, and geographies based on prevailing opportunities.

We pursue multiple investment strategies including Credit Investments, Long/Short Equity, Merger Arbitrage, Real Estate-related Investments, and Direct Investments. Each investment is evaluated independently on a fundamental basis.

Locker Capital Management has a demonstrated track record built on well-defined and disciplined investment processes that are repeatable through the small and small/mid cap investment range. We understand the importance of how an actively managed portfolio fits in your overall asset allocation, placing significant emphasis on adhering to a portfolio’s investment style.


Our team applies the same disciplined investment process to managing our small and small/mid cap strategies, resulting in proven historical style consistency using successful navigation of volatile stock and equity markets through the utilization of well-defined and well-executed processes. This active management of risk vs. reward across securities and sectors leads to the efficient allocation of investment dollars across an entire portfolio.

Locker Capital Management appreciates that many investors have become concerned with not only earning financial rewards but significantly, how those rewards are achieved. Sustainability is incorporated into every corner of an investment portfolio regardless of whether the portfolio contains large cap stocks or even municipal bonds.


We bring together the best solutions in each category, constructing a customized investment program to meet the specific objectives of each client. By employing specialists, investors are better able to tap into new growth areas that might not be immediately evident. And a portfolio approach is completely appropriate for these riskier, small companies. Utilizing a pooled fund or managed account spreads the risk among dozens of securities which creates an excellent balance between high returns and reducing the risk that one failed investment would undermine your entire portfolio.

Foreign or emerging market bonds are also incorporated into many portfolios for their investment grade ratings, attractive yields and important diversification benefits.

Our researches investigate high-return and minimalized risk products, services and investments. Establishing a good understanding of client strategies and financial objectives recommendations will include equity stocks and a strong focus on small cap stocks, bonds, CDL’s, depository receipts and various financial instruments , clients are open to a wide variety of investment choices and are able to spread their risk return over multiple layers and markets. Locker Capital Management will also disclose the opportunities uncovered by our professional as they are discovered, rather than waiting for instruction from clients, enabling us to build trust based on solid research and performance and ultimately, lift profits and returns.