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4 June 2016

What the Fed Should Do Next

If the Federal Reserve was looking for reasons not to raise interest rates when its policy-making committee meets later this month, it now has two. Today's new and surprisingly weak U.S. employment numbers, added to investor anxiety about a possible British exit from the European Union, make a plausible case for leaving short-term interest rates unchanged. More>>
28 May 2016

Lessons From a Bank Heist

Swift can’t do it alone. The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, an organization that enables money transfers worldwide, has come under fire after a rash of bank hackings -- some of which bear fingerprints of nation-states including North Korea. In response, it announced this week a series of new measures aimed at protecting the global financial system from cybercrime. More>>
18 May 2016

The Best Way to Strengthen Ties With Asia? Ratify TPP

For Congress, in a year when voters of both parties are worried about globalization, the political cost of ratifying the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal may seem prohibitive. But the economic case for the pact is convincing. And in Southeast Asia, the strategic costs of not approving it are high -- and rising fast. More>>
9 May 2016

The IMF Is Right About Greece

Europe's finance ministers are due to meet Monday in an effort to break the impasse over Greece and its debt. What ought to happen was spelled out last week in a leaked letter from the head of the International Monetary Fund to the group. It wasn't what the ministers wanted to hear. More>>
2 May 2016

Britain Can't Afford to Quit the EU

If it votes to leave the European Union in next month’s referendum, Britain will bear a substantial and lasting economic cost: That’s the conclusion of several authoritative new studies. Campaigners for exit must either refute these findings or say why they don’t matter. Their efforts up to now have fallen far short. More>>
23 April 2016

Google and Europe Should Not Be Enemies

Europe’s latest fight against Google will surely be long, messy and kind to lawyers. But it seems unlikely to do much for competition, innovation or the consumers who benefit from both. More>>