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16 July 2016

Brexit Isn't Theresa May's Only Challenge

Britain’s new prime minister, Theresa May, is all for union. Not the European Union -- “Brexit means Brexit,” she has repeatedly assured voters -- but greater union within her own country. More>>
9 July 2016

The Bank of England Makes a Capital Mistake

The Bank of England is right to do everything in its power to support the U.K. economy following the vote to leave the European Union. Weakening the finances of the country’s banks, though, is the wrong way to go about it. More>>
1 July 2016

The U.K. Needs New Leaders, Fast

An amicable separation between Britain and the European Union will be difficult, complex and prolonged -- but it’s achievable. Right now the main obstacle isn’t lingering resentment in Brussels about the vote itself, but the collective seizure that has overwhelmed Westminster. More>>
25 June 2016

A Bad Day for Europe

This was never supposed to happen. Three years ago, when U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron promised his country a referendum on remaining a member of the European Union, he was sure of victory. The country had other ideas. On Thursday Britain voted to quit. More>>
16 June 2016

Regulate Payday Lending, But Not Like This

For the first time, the federal government is creating rules focused on the short-term, small-sum credit known as payday lending. That’s a good idea, but the plan announced by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau isn’t the way to do it. More>>
10 June 2016

Britain's Great EU Debate Hasn't Been So Great

Opinion polls say Britain’s vote on June 23 on whether to leave the European Union will be close. That’s disturbing: Voting to stay is the safer, wiser choice. The referendum debate should have promoted consensus on the point -- but it hasn’t, partly because the quality of discussion has been a letdown. More>>