About Us

Locker Capital Management has always taken a global perspective and been a leader in leveraging data technology to gain investment insights.

As one of the few investment management companies who can offer advice that is free from outside business influences, we continually evaluate global investment markets quickly and efficiently to look for hidden opportunities and better manage risk. Locker Capital Management's team of financial advisors and industry researches are, always looking to the future to provide our clients with improved solutions and better ways to invest.

Locker Capital Management’s success and reputation is made stronger and more secure everyday due to its people who deliver services, relevant advice and support at the highest level. Combining proven and demonstrated experience from past and current team members, our commitment and individuality has allowed us to develop solid financial products and specialized investment techniques.

Locker Capital Management’s main goal is to ensure that investors are adequately compensated for accepting the appropriate amount of identifiable risk while avoiding uncompensated risk. Our researches look for high-return blue chip and cap stocks letting you build a stable and diverse portfolio. Locker Capital Management establishes a good understanding of client strategies and then utilizes the skills and talents of our team to reach the client’s financial objectives.


Locker Capital Management specializes in creating small and small/mid cap growth portfolios for institutional investors. We place emphasis on deep, fundamental securities analysis, proprietary valuation work, and a focus on careful portfolio construction.

You will receive support, advice and service from one of our Senior Portfolio Managers, directing you with a wealth of information and expertise. By navigating large portfolios through multiple market cycles, we’ve gained a valuable perspective that allows us to deliver prudent money management.

Being a truly global firm with extensive team resources and experiences, also allows us to interpret opportunities very quickly. Our completive edge comes from our established ability to work closely with clients but also other industry partners letting us source the best and newest investments regardless of their origination.


Our values shape our culture and reflect our structured and innovative investment strategy approach. Our passion is focused on our clients as your success ultimately becomes our own. Centralising our services all advisors at Locker Capital Management follow a demonstrated and proven investment and securities philosophy. Our creativity allows us to break free of the limitations of conventional thinking and our researches look at new ideas in new markets and product avenues. Working directly with the needs of our clients we adopt a flexible approach to best suit the needs of clients and always maintain a highly professional yet personalised service.

Locker Capital Management assigns individual advisors to each client whilst maintaining a collaborative approach and we see greater benefits by combining the experience and intelligence of all our staff working together as a team to expand our capabilities and better serve our business partners and clients.

Locker Capital Management takes an international view and employs dynamic asset allocation with smart security selection to ensure all investments are strong across the board. Our securities are selected by specialist teams with in-depth expertise in each asset class. And each of these teams employs a clearly defined process with proven results.