Locker Capital Management's focus of delivering outstanding results is driven by the vision of our people and the way we work with our clients. Our people are responsible for the overall success of our company and the future growth of your wealth.

Our success and reputation is made stronger and more secure everyday due to its people who deliver services, relevant advice and support at the highest level. Combining proven and demonstrated experience from past and current team members, our commitment and individuality has allowed us to develop solid financial products and specialized investment techniques. Our team of researches look for high-return blue chip and cap stocks allowing you to build a stable and diverse portfolio.

We offer both proprietary investment solutions, and premier third-party managed strategies, in order to meet the unique needs of each client and our fundamental approach to investing has been designed to deliver attractive returns with low volatility; a performance-driven fee structure; and excellent liquidity whilst firmly believing in the value of asset diversification, tax efficient management and full transparency.

Developing client portfolios and strategies focuses on a process that promotes our objective of providing superior risk-adjusted returns over the long-term. In addition, Locker Capital Management's short term approach also means that all of our equity portfolios provide substantial diversity by industry and sector and as our products and services are well-represented internationally. Each portfolio has a variety of asset classes including stocks, bonds, and alternatives.

client base

Our client base is diverse and we welcome a myriad of enquiry from company directors, CEO’s, Member and Board Associates and Principals including senior management and also from the individual investor having proven and demonstrated strategies for performance.


excellent financial performance for investing clients, whilst reducing additional volatility and maintaining balanced risk/return characteristics.


with responsibly with strategies that have been developed by a team of industry leading experts with the goal of our client’s well-being being our highest directional pathway.


specialized talents and experiences enables our people to create superior relationships with our clients.


It’s about sharing your aspirations and building a relationship with your Financial Advisor.

Where to go


Locker Capital Management has a demonstrated track record built on well-defined and disciplined investment processes that are repeatable through the small and small/mid cap investment range.


Using a professional yet passionate approach, our client's are introduced to a diverse range of well researched products and services.


Our team of professional investment managers and administration staff will welcome you to our firm with friendly professionalism. Individual clients will be assigned a dedicated, personalised financial consultant.